A Fresh Look at History’s Most Influential Figure.

In Seeing Jesus from the East, Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray capture a revitalized gospel message through an Eastern lens, revealing its power afresh and sharing the truth about Jesus in a compelling and winsome light. Incorporating story, honor, vivid imagery, sacrifice, and rewards, Seeing Jesus from the East calls readers, both Eastern and Westerns alike, to a fresh encounter with the living and restless Jesus.

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Receive 3 free bonus video sessions from Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray discussing topics from the book filmed in Sri Lanka.The video sessions you will receive are:
A Temple and A Template

Zacharias takes us on a tour of the Gangaramaya Temple in Sri Lanka to explain the importance of understanding Eastern religious practices and how they relate to the message of Jesus.

Eastern Roots and Western Branches: A Personal and Compelling Journey

Zacharias explains that, even though the East and West may have differences, the search for meaning and purpose is a universal desire, one that can only be satisfied in Jesus Christ.

A Marketplace and A Mission

Ravi and Abdu visit a busy outdoor market and reflect on the importance of understanding the lenses through which we each view the world, and seeing people as they are when sharing the hope of the gospel.

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About the Authors

has spent the past 48 years commending the Christian faith and addressing life’s great existential questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny with eloquence and grace. He fully believes the truth of Jesus Christ can endure the toughest critiques and philosophical attacks. Zacharias has authored or edited over 25 books in the fields of theology, apologetics, comparative religion, and philosophy, including Can Man Live without God and Jesus among Other Gods. He is Founder and Chairman of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, a global team of over 250 employees in sixteen countries. He founded RZIM in 1984 with the goal of “Helping Thinkers Believe and Helping Believers Think.” He and his wife, Margie, have been married for 48 years and have three grown children. They reside in Atlanta.

(JD, University of Michigan) is Senior Vice President of RZIM and a regular speaker at churches, college campuses, and business and government gatherings. He’s a trial attorney, author, international speaker, and host of the podcast The Defense Rests. A scholar in residence at the Josh McDowell Institute of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, he is the author of many articles and three books, including Grand Central Question and his latest, Saving Truth: Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post Truth World.

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